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Connecting key to user profile

A remote key can be connected to a profile. The profile with all its settings is then selected automatically every time this specific key is identified when the vehicle is unlocked or the driver's door is opened.

Electronic immobilizer

The electronic immobilizer is an anti-theft device that prevents the vehicle from being driven if the correct vehicle key is not detected.


The vehicle has two physical keys – the standard key and the buttonless key.

Ordering additional keys

If more keys than the standard number supplied with the vehicle are needed, or if any key is lost, new keys can be ordered.

Replacing the key's battery

The battery in the key must be replaced when it is discharged.

Locking and unlocking using the key

All doors and the tailgate can be locked and unlocked simultaneously using the buttons on the key.

Unlocking the tailgate using the key

The key can be used to unlock only the tailgate.

Detachable key blade

The key contains a detachable metal key blade that can be used to activate a number of functions and preform certain actions.

Locking and unlocking with detachable key blade

The detachable key blade can be used to unlock the vehicle from outside, for example if the vehicle has no electrical current or if the key's battery is discharged.

Key range

The vehicle's physical keys function within a certain distance from the vehicle.

Start and lock system type designations

The following information contains type designations for the start and lock system.

Antenna locations for the start and lock system

Antennas for the keyless starting and locking systems are integrated in the vehicle.

Usage mode

The vehicle has three different usage modes that make different functions in the vehicle available.

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