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Polestar Connect services

Connecting the vehicle to the Internet via vehicle modem (SIM card)

It is possible to establish an Internet connection via the vehicle modem and a personal SIM card (P-SIM).

Assistance with Polestar Connect

Polestar Connect can provide extra security and assistance in the event of a flat tire, breakdown, accident, etc.

Emergency assistance with Polestar Connect

Press the SOS button to contact Polestar Assistance, or an emergency call center in an emergency situation.

Automatic Crash Notification with Polestar Connect

If a collision occurs, the vehicle reports this automatically to Polestar Assistance or an emergency call center, which can send out emergency assistance.

Remote Vehicle Immobilizer (RVI) with Polestar Connect

If the vehicle is stolen, an immobilizer can be activated remotely.

Remote unlocking with Polestar Connect

If the vehicle's key has been lost or locked in the vehicle, the doors can be unlocked remotely within 5 days with help from Polestar Assistance.

Theft Notification (TN) with Polestar Connect

When the vehicle's alarm is armed, the vehicle owner will receive a message to the phone number registered with the delivery center and then a push notification in the Polestar 1 app.

Help during a trip with Polestar Connect

If you e.g. get a flat tire, run out of gas or have a dead battery, you can summon assistance using the ON CALL button or the Polestar 1 app.

Assistance via Polestar Connect

Polestar Assistance can offer assistance in the event of a breakdown or if your vehicle unexpectedly becomes immobilized.