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Practical information about Polestar Connect

Connecting the vehicle to the Internet via vehicle modem (SIM card)

It is possible to establish an Internet connection via the vehicle modem and a personal SIM card (P-SIM).

Getting started with Polestar Connect

To get started with Polestar Connect, you need to carry out certain preparations.

Polestar Connect PIN code

The PIN code is used for security reasons to verify that a person is authorized to use Polestar Connect services in a particular vehicle.

Backup battery for Polestar Connect

If the main battery has no electrical current, the Polestar Connect backup battery will take over so that the system can still be used.

Polestar Connect abroad

Polestar Connect services may vary when driving in other countries.

Polestar Connect availability

To save battery power, the Polestar Connect system is programmed to shut down when the vehicle is not used for extended periods of time.

Polestar Connect markets

The following is a list of markets with Polestar Connect.

Change of ownership with Polestar Connect

When the vehicle changes owners, there are several steps that need to be carried out to disconnect the previous owner and give the new owner access to Polestar Connect.