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Instrument panel

Instrument panel

The instrument panel displays information related to the vehicle and driving.

Instrument panel settings

Display settings for the instrument panel can be set via the instrument panel's App menu and via the center display's Settings menu.

Instrument panel license agreement

A license is an agreement on the right to conduct a certain activity or the right to use someone else's right according to terms and conditions specified in the agreement. The following text is Polestar's agreement with the manufacturer or developer.

App menu in instrument panel

The App menu in the instrument panel provides quick access to commonly used functions for certain apps.

Controlling the App menu in the instrument panel

The App menu in the instrument panel is controlled using the right-side steering wheel keypad.

Messages in the instrument panel

The instrument panel shows messages in certain circumstances to inform or assist the driver.

Date and time

The clock is displayed in both the instrument panel and the center display.

  • Gauges and indicators in the instrument panel

  • Trip computer