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The advantages of adding the Polestar 2 to your fleet

The advantages of adding the Polestar 2 to your fleet

Goodbye annual fuel budgets and extensive maintenance costs. Hello smaller carbon footprint and improved continuity. Making the shift to fully electric fleet cars leads to better business. And you'll be surprised how many customers notice.

Scheduling service for the Polestar 2 is easy, and available 24/7 through the Polestar app or by contacting Polestar support.

A flat tire or battery needn't be a problem. Just press the dedicated button in the ceiling of the car to get in touch with the Polestar Roadside Assistance team.

The on-board software allows remote diagnosis of any potential technical issues. You will be notified if service or maintenance is necessary.

The electric drivetrain of the Polestar 2 has far fewer moving parts than you find in a conventional car. This makes the service intervals further apart and the operating costs considerably lower. To reduce downtime even more, service points can offer a convenient pick-up and delivery option, as well as a replacement car.

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The Polestar 2 doesn't just protect the occupants, it also helps to prevent accidents from happening. Because we share engineering expertise with Volvo, the car is equipped with the latest safety technology, including the most advanced driver assistance systems. Wherever you go, you have an ever-present co-pilot alongside you.

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Keep your hands on the steering wheel and use your voice to plan a meeting or write a reminder. The Polestar 2 is the first car to use Google's Android Automotive operating system, offering the natural voice recognition of Google Assistant and seamless integration with several Google apps and services.

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The easiest way to book a test drive is through our website, using this link. You can also check it to see if we have test drive events planned near your location. If you want to arrange a private test drive and demo event for your employees, please contact your local Polestar Fleet team so they can tailor it to your needs.

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Charging an electric car takes less effort than refueling a conventional vehicle. Instead of periodically heading to the gas station to fill up an almost empty tank, you simply charge up the battery whenever the car is parked.

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