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Our collaboration with Volvo Cars means a far-reaching network of service points with the technical expertise required to maintain, repair, and update Polestar cars. 

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Less need for servicing

The powertrain of a petrol or diesel car typically contains over 2,000 moving parts, whereas the electric powertrain of Polestar 4 has around 50. Consequently, there’s less need for servicing as, essentially, tyres, wiper blades and the cabin air filter are the only parts that require regular attention.


Polestar cars are built to the same exacting standards to which they are designed. The Polestar warranty reflects this obsession with quality, covering repairs to or replacements of faulty components, the battery pack, paintwork and corrosion caused by manufacturing defects.

Vehicle warranty 3 years

Vehicle warranty

If any part of the car fails due to a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge at an authorised Polestar service point. This warranty covers the first three years after delivery, regardless of a change in ownership, provided that the Polestar service plan has been followed.

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Battery warranty

Any faults in battery performance or defects in material and workmanship will be resolved free of charge, within 8 years or 160,000 km, whichever comes first. If the battery’s State-of-Health (SoH) drops below 70% of its original capacity within the first 8 years of ownership, the battery will be replaced at no cost. 

Over-the-air-updates shown on centre display in Polestar 4

Over-the-air updates

Always up to date. The software of Polestar 4 is constantly being developed to ensure that the car’s features remain future-proof. Expect continuous updates on the operating system, apps and car systems throughout the vehicle’s lifetime without the need to visit a service point.

Overhead console with roadside assistance

Polestar assistance

Every new Polestar 4 comes complementary roadside assistance. 

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Data handling and privacy

Certain features in Polestar 4 may require access to vehicle, location and other personal information to store preferred settings and enhance the driving experience. Full details about how data is used and shared are available on the Polestar privacy pages.

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Centre display in Polestar 4 showing the personal settings

Personal details

A Polestar ID enables access to a range of Polestar services, requiring personal details for an optimal customer experience. The ID also authorises the user to control the car using the Polestar app and allows Polestar 4 to link seat, steering feel, and other settings to a specific driver.

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Vehicle and location data

Data including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle position, and time stamps are temporarily stored and processed for active safety features, safety-related services, and the use of the SOS or Connect button.

Google apps and services shown on the centre display in the Polestar 4

Google apps and services

Polestar 4 comes with Google² built-in, allowing the use of Google apps and services in the car. The driver can change the sharing and privacy settings at any time.

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