Pangaia and Polestar: Commitment and collaboration

PANGAIA is a materials science company bringing problem-solving innovations to the world through premium lifestyle products. They are on a mission to reshape the fashion landscape, inspiring and accelerating action towards a positive earth future.

Modelling Pangaia clothes in industrial area.
A Harmony of Science and Nature

Founded in 2019, PANGAIA set out with a mission to upend the world of fashion. They are striving to create an Earth-positive business model that delivers a net benefit to the planet while answering some of the fashion industry’s biggest challenges. By harnessing the endless possibilities and abundance that nature provides, PANGAIA applies science to create better solutions.

PANGAIA’s ongoing mission is to share these solutions to problems posed by the fashion industry and to make them available to everyone. Believing there is a way to create a positive impact by taking less and giving more, PANGAIA saw the challenge with conventional down used within outwear.

The traditional choices of thermal-insulating outerwear are either synthetic fill, namely polyester, which relies on finite fossil fuel resources or animal feathers - an outdated process, causing needless suffering to animals.

PANGAIA has developed a biobased alternative to down made from wildflowers, a biopolymer and an aerogel.

Models in Pangaia clothing.
Transparency as a Catalyst for Change

Through their Science and Impact Hub, PANGAIA aims to inform, inspire, and build a community of informed and conscious customers. Beyond educational purposes, the hub aims to inspire and build a community of informed and conscious consumers.

In a similar fashion to Polestar’s LCA reports, an annual Science & Impact report provides a transparent look at PANGAIA's progress, successes, challenges, and areas for improvement, setting an example for the fashion industry to follow.

Models in Pangaia clothing.
Collaborative Approach to Change

Polestar and PANGAIA have a natural connection, reflected in a shared commitment to innovation, design, and fostering positive impacts on nature and people's lives throughout the supply chain. Both brands envision a positive future where sustainable practices are not just adopted but embraced at scale.

PANGAIA emphasizes the collaborative nature of their approach, stating, "We know that we cannot enact change alone, so we have collaborated with a number of industry partners and voluntary initiatives to promote responsible practices, holding ourselves accountable and learning from industry experts.

One of many examples of this is PANGAIA’s collaboration with Nativa™. The wool industry has long been plagued by sustainability and animal welfare issues. By collaborating with Nativa, one of the most advanced 100% traceable Merino wool labels globally, PANGAIA offers a collection NATIVARegen™ garments. Made from fully traceable merino wool which is farmed in a way that restores nature and supports the livelihoods of local farmers as well as benefitting animal welfare. With complete traceability of their wool, from the farm to the finished product, they ensure visibility of all the practices throughout the supply chain.

What is more, PANGAIA have invested in sheep farming in Uruguay, enhancing soil quality and addressing the issue of carbon emissions associated with grazing. By partnering with farms that prioritise animal welfare, environmental preservation, and community support, they aim to make a positive impact on the planet and people.

Models in Pangaia clothing.
The Road Ahead

While recognising their status as industry disrupters, their shared aim is to collaborate for a positive future through driving impact at scale. Their commitment extends beyond their own designs, actively working with industry partners and voluntary initiatives to promote responsible practices. PANGAIA's B2B arm offers a comprehensive service, providing responsible materials and solutions to drive adoption of sustainable practices across the fashion industry.

PANGAIA stands as a disrupter in an industry often criticized for its environmental impact. The collaboration with Polestar represents an opportunity to inspire change via a ripple effect, where other industry players join the movement toward an Earth-positive future.


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