Chasing the Northern Lights

The night is dark and full of wonders. This could be the tagline for a wintery city in the north of Sweden. Jokkmokk (Sami for “River’s Curve”) is home to a 400-year-old local crafts market, some 4,000 residents, and the dancing green lights in the night sky, commonly referred to as Aurora Borealis.

Life within the Arctic Circle

Jokkmokk is located within the Arctic Circle, where strange hours, long days, and endless nights are characteristic of the region. The polar circle marks the lowest latitude of the world's northernmost region within which, for one day or more each year, the sun doesn’t set or rise above the horizon.

To some, a small city within the Arctic Circle might seem like a life of long, harsh winters, little to no daylight, d-vitamin supplements, and reindeer meat. And that’s part of it. But the area also offers midnight sun, a rich culture of indigenous craftsmanship, serene landscapes, villages stuck in time, and huskies.

To Frauke Hameister, a self-taught adventure photographer, it was the perfect location to explore electric performance on ice and shoot cars bathing in the Jokkmokk sunset.  

Adventure photographer Frauke Hameister.
Raindrops on the panoramic roof of Polestar 3.
Capturing golden moments

Frauke is based in a medium-sized town in Germany, but the world is her workplace. With a distinct style of adventure photography, characterised by grand landscapes bathing in the sun’s golden, almost amber light, she has a substantial following, all eager to see what she captures on her adventures around the world.

Although she ventures from neighbouring countries like Switzerland to more remote locations, like the Faroe Islands and Canada, Scandinavia has a special place in her heart. She’s captured the fjords of Norway, the colourful houses of Copenhagen, and the snow-covered trees of Finland.  With such an extraordinary diary, we wanted to offer Frauke something special.

Our reasoning was simple enough. There's nothing ordinary about driving performance cars on a frozen lake. And Polestar 3 is extremely photo-friendly. So is the Aurora Borealis, of course, but that we could only hope of experiencing.

Exploring Jokkmokk with Polestar 3 

It was with high hopes of seeing the magical light show that we first set off on our adventure in the Polestar 3 through Jokkmokk. The electric SUV quickly transported us from the city centre into the deep forest, across bridges over frozen waters, to warm tents and icy tracks. And as the sun set, Frauke took the opportunity to create her own type of magic. Polestar 3 in colour Jupiter never looked this good.


So very good... Where were we? Oh, yeah. The Northern Lights were also pretty cool.


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