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Emergency assistance with Polestar Connect

Press the SOS button to contact Polestar Assistance, or an emergency call centre in an emergency situation.

Polestar Assistance

To summon help in case of illness, external threats to the car or passengers, Polestar Assistance can be alerted manually by depressing the SOS button for at least 2 seconds. The car calls Polestar Assistance and a message is sent containing the position of the car, among other things.

Polestar Assistance attempts to establish verbal contact with the car's driver in order to find out about the severity of the emergency situation and the need for assistance.
Polestar Assistance then contacts the necessary assistance (police, ambulance, towing, etc.).

If verbal contact cannot be established, Polestar Assistance contacts the relevant authorities that assist with appropriate action.

Prioritise public emergency number

It is possible to set up the system so that the car phones a public emergency call centre instead of Polestar Assistance. See the separate instructions.


If the SOS lamp flashes despite having pressed the button, this means that the car is trying to find and connect to a mobile network. The flashing continues until the car has made a connection.

Emergency number

When the collision alarm is activated the system attempts to establish contact with the country's Polestar Assistance. If this is not possible, then the call is routed to the designated emergency number for the area where the car is located.