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Important information on accessories and auxiliary equipment

The incorrect connection and installation of accessories and extra equipment can negatively affect the car's electronic system.

Polestar strongly recommends that Polestar owners should only install genuine accessories approved by Polestar, and that installation of accessories is only carried out by trained and qualified service technicians. Certain accessories only function when associated software is installed in the car's computer system. Contact Polestar Customer Support for more information.

The equipment described in the Manual is not available in all cars - they have different equipment depending on adaptations for the needs of different markets and national or local laws and regulations.

Options or accessories described in this Manual are marked with an asterisk. In the event of uncertainty over what is standard or an option/accessory, contact Polestar Customer Support.


The driver always bears the ultimate responsibility that the car is used safely and that laws and regulations in force are followed.

It is also important that the car has maintenance and service according to Polestar's recommendations, the manual information and the Status and Warranty book.