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Managing text messages

It is possible to receive and send text messages, in the form of SMS, when the phone is connected to the car.

To be able to manage text messages in the car, the phone must be connected via Bluetooth1 as phone device and the user must have approved in the phone's Bluetooth settings that notifications should be shown.

Sending text messages

You can dictate a new message by asking the voice control system to send a message to a named contact or a phone number.

Receiving text messages

When the phone is connected to the car, a notification is shown at the top of the centre display when a new text message is received. Choose whether to play back the message by tapping on the screen or using voice control.

It is also possible to choose to mute the conversation. In which case, no more notifications for the conversation are shown while driving.

Replying to text messages

When a text message has been read out, it is possible to dictate a reply2. Follow the instructions given by the voice control system.

Text messages are not shown

If new text messages are shown on the phone but not in the centre display, try disconnecting and reconnecting the phone.

  1. 1 Text messages can only be managed in the car if the phone is compatible.
  2. 2 Only applies to phones with Android or iOS 13 or later.