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Electric car functions with Google Maps

Some functions in Maps are unique to electric cars. Some of them are listed here, with a brief description.

The functions mentioned are only examples. For the latest information on which functions are available as well as how they work, go to g.co/mapsincar.

Filtering on charging stations

By default, the map only displays compatible charging stations.

Suggestions for adding charging stations

If guidance is started when the car is estimated as not reaching the final destination with the current battery level, Maps will suggest to add charging stations at suitable locations in order to reach the final destination.

Battery level on arrival

Maps can show the estimated battery level on arrival at a destination.

Preconditioning the battery before fast charging

When charging stations have been added into Google Maps, the battery is preconditioned in order to reduce the charging time.

Estimated minimum charging time

When charging stations have been added as intermediate destinations in an itinerary, Maps indicates the estimated minimum charging time at the charging station in question in order to clarify the total travelling time and the ETA1.


The instructions above are general descriptions and include third-party suppliers. Availability, procedure and functionality are subject to change or variation.
  1. 1 Estimated Time of Arrival