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Activating and deactivating the parking brake

Use the parking brake to prevent the car from rolling from stationary. An activated parking brake locks both rear wheels.

Activating the parking brake

PS-2007-Parking brake button
The button for the parking brake is located next to the gear selector.
Press the button.
The symbol in the driver display illuminates when the parking brake is activated.

Automatic activation

The parking brake is activated automatically

  • if the driver leaves/exits the car.
  • when the car is switched off manually in the centre display.
  • if the function Hold (brake when stationary) is activated and the car has been stationary for a while (approx. 10 minutes).


Check that the symbol for parking brake is illuminated when leaving the car.

Emergency brake

In an emergency, the parking brake can be activated when the car is in motion by pressing and holding the button depressed.

The car is then braked heavily with the foot brake. Braking stops when the button is released, or if the accelerator pedal is depressed.


An acoustic signal sounds while emergency braking is active at high speeds.

Deactivating the parking brake

The parking brake is deactivated automatically when a gear is selected.

Put the seatbelt on.
Depress the brake pedal.
Select gear position D or R
The parking brake releases automatically and the symbol in the driver display extinguishes.
Release the brake pedal.

If creep mode is activated, the car will drive slowly in the selected direction. If Hold (brake when stationary) is activated, the accelerator pedal must be depressed for the car to be able to drive in the selected direction.

If creep mode is deactivated, the car will not drive forwards.


For deactivation, either the driver has to have buckled his/her seatbelt or the driver's door has to be closed.

Symbol in the driver display

PS2-2007-Parking brake warning symbol

Light illuminated permanently: The parking brake is activated.

Flashing: an error has occurred with the parking brake. Read the message in the driver display.