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Charging in the car's centre display

From the centre display it is possible to set the state of charge (SoC), unlock the charging cable and set amperage.

Setting the state of charge (SoC)

PS2- 2007- iCup charge status
  1. PS-Icon circle 1The battery's current charge status.
  2. PS-Icon circle 2Swipe to set the preferred state of charge (SoC). The state of charge (SoC) remains unchanged until next time, unless it is changed in the centre display.

Unlocking the charging cable

Tap on PS2- 2007- Charging unlock cable CSD in the centre display to unlock the charging cable and end the charging in progress.

Setting the amperage

When charging with alternating current1 there is the option to set the amperage. Tap on + to increase the amperage or - to reduce the amperage2.


The amperage may be limited by the charging station or charging cable. There is no guarantee that the car can be charged with the specified amperage if it is higher than permitted by the charging station or charging cable.
  1. 1 Refers to charging via charging station (Mode 3) and charging via wall socket (Mode 2).
  2. 2 The set amperage applies per phase from the alternating current source.