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It's all about the response.

It's all about the response.

The driving experience, what one actually feels when behind the wheel, is measured by any number of criteria: handling, comfort, acceleration, and so on.

More than a few cars make their reputation by being especially good at one of those aspects. Sometimes at the expense of others; rare is the vehicle known equally well for both its comfort and its precise steering.

Despite which of these disparate areas define a particular car, they all have one unifying factor: they are all ways in which the car responds. Driver input, surface quality, weather conditions; how quickly, smoothly, and intuitively the vehicle reacts to various input is what defines the experience behind the wheel.

And the experience one gets when behind the wheel of Polestar 3 is defined by a few key elements: surprisingly responsive handling (for a full-size SUV) and unparalleled comfort, neither of which compromise the other.

For the former, it’s torque vectoring that takes the handling to another level. A technology used to great effect in sports cars (like Polestar 1), torque vectoring enables different amounts of power to be sent to each wheel. Send less power to the inner wheel and more power to the outer when cornering for better control. Control each rear wheel individually for improved traction under all conditions, from balanced straight-line acceleration to controlled cornering on icy roads. And so on.

Additionally, the presence of wider rear wheels, integral link and double wishbone suspension, 50/50 weight distribution, Brembo performance brakes, and agile steering, are all tuned to work perfectly together to define Polestar’s distinctive driving characteristics.

For the latter, the semi-active damper system with dual chamber air suspension is the key ingredient in a more comfortable ride, with excellent control, regardless of conditions. The air springs enable different ride heights (automatically adjusting depending on speed), self-levelling functionality, more immediate response to uneven surfaces, and a level of comfort more responsive and complete than before.

Electronically controlled, it monitors the car itself, the road, and the driver 500 times per second through accelerometers and levelling sensors located in four different positions, leading to the best possible response.

Which is what the driver experience is all about.

Discover the various elements that make up the performance of Polestar 3, from the powertrain to the chassis and everything in between.  

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