2’s Day with Polestar 2

2’s Day. Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022. Or, more satisfyingly: 22/02/22. Given that it will take another 200 years for the next occurrence of this type (and it looks like February 22nd, 2222, will actually fall on a Friday), we figured there was no better time to look at our own number 2.

Polestar 2 has been in customers’ hands for almost two years. And in that time, it’s seen constant improvements in drivability, usability, and sustainability. OTA (Over the Air) updates mean it can update and upgrade with the same frequency as a smartphone. Improvements don’t have to come with a new facelift or model year. And said improvements can be implemented across all vehicles simultaneously. No workshop visits, no hardware installations.

These updates have made the following improvements, bug fixes and upgrades possible since the start of customer deliveries in 2020:

  • stability improvements to the 12-volt battery
  • improved car-to-internet connectivity
  • improved charge speed when using a DC charger
  • addition of a customer request (yes, we take requests): preset climate timers
  • update of the estimated Distance to Empty (DTE) for the battery via a linear algorithm
  • wireless mobile charging fix, after some customers reported having issues charging the (then) new iPhone 12 with a MagSafe wireless charger
  • software version P1.5 bug fix, which was stopping users’ favourite contacts from syncing with the car
  • addition of a customer request: charging speed shown in kW in the driver display
  • an in-car Range Assistant app that improves efficiency and increases range confidence
  • an Eco Climate mode in said app that allows the driver to reduce demand on the battery from the climate system
  • battery preconditioning improvements

Now, there are approximately 29,000 Polestar 2s across the world. Out of these, almost 90% have installed the latest OTA update. This means they’re running software that’s fixed the early-stage issues. They’ve also received updates that have added new features and enhanced existing ones, leading to an even better driver and user experience.

There’s always room for improvement. And with the OTA updates available for Polestar 2, there always will be. From now until next 2’s Day.

The centre display of Polestar 2 with some musical artists featured.

Rosendal Garden Party: Polestar 2 hosts the world’s first in-car livestreamed music festival

Streaming. A way to deliver and consume content in real time without the need for storage. This now ubiquitous technology has seen a wide variety of content and events appear on multiple devices. Computers. Smartphones. And now, thanks to the Vivaldi web browser, Polestar 2.

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