Two Polestar 4's driving on track.

Polestar 4: Press impressions from Hällered Proving Grounds

Recently, we took our latest creation, Polestar 4, to an exclusive behind-the-scenes press event at the Hällered Proving Grounds, just under an hour east of Polestar HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden. Journalists from various outlets and markets around the world were invited to get a feel for this new addition to the Polestar family. Here's what went down.

Stig Blomqvist in Polestar 3

The Scandi Flick: How Sweden transformed rally driving

For most people, when they think of rally drivers, they think of Scandinavians. Strong stoic types, sat behind a wheel, tearing through asphalt, gravel and snow at breakneck speeds. But that's not the full picture. These racing drivers fundamentally changed the way cars were actually driven. They did things differently, building faster lap times in new ways. And today, we are lucky enough to talk to one of the greatest of them all: Stig Blomqvist.

Polestar 3 under modern structure

Big car, smaller footprint – why Polestar 3 is changing the way we look at SUVs

It comes as no surprise that SUVs are everywhere. As one of the world's highest-selling car models, there's lots to love about the versatile and practical Sports Utility Vehicle. From ferrying kids to soccer practice to scaling rocky off-road mountain passes in Central Asia, every location, destination, and occupation has a need for large, practical, and safe vehicles. But their popularity comes at a price. Because the world's favourite car type just so happens to be one of the world's biggest contributors to CO2e emissions.