Polestar acts according to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to make sure we maintain the trust of our customers, colleagues, stakeholders, and the communities where we operate.

Doing business responsibly

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    Integrity and ownership

    These two fundamental values form the moral compass for every Polestar employee. We always act with integrity, in compliance with the law, and follow high ethical standards.

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    Improving the society we live in

    Always working to ensure that our actions are sustainable and ethical, we honour human rights and support environmental preservation.

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    Ethical business practices

    Our business relationships must be based on trust, transparency, honesty and accountability. We support free and fair competition and don't allow corruption or bribery.

Ethics documents

Our Code of Conduct is designed to inspire and guide us in our daily activities and operations. It sets out the commitments and principles that apply to the Polestar group.


Our Business Partner Code of Conduct sets the business standards that our partners must follow.


Our Modern Slavery Statement sets out the steps that Polestar takes to address modern slavery and human trafficking in its supply chains.


Our position on conflict minerals addresses the challenges linked to their mining, manufacturing and use, and lays out how Polestar works to manage conflict mineral risks within our global supply chains.


Polestar CMR and our yearly conflict mineral campaign on the 3TG minerals - tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold - aim to help transfer information through the supply chain regarding minerals' countries of origin, and the smelters and refiners being utilized. The due diligence process identifies and promotes smelters validated to confirm with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP), with the goal of stemming trade that risks financing armed conflict or mining with forced labour.


Reporting concerns

Polestar has implemented a reporting channel called SpeakUp to help both internal and external individuals (such as business partners, customers, and other third parties involved with Polestar) to report suspected severe violations of rules. Anonymous reports are possible, where permitted under local laws.

Report a concern

It is also possible to report by calling a phone number available on the phone list below or by using a mobile app ("SpeakUp" by People Intouch is available for iOS and Android). If you call or use the mobile app, use the organization code 105577 to report a concern to Polestar.

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Report a concern