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Materials send a message.

Materials send a message.

This is something clearly demonstrated in the world of automotive. Leather, for instance, has been the last word in luxury for decades. It’s communicated a feeling of premium exclusivity, found in high-quality vehicles. Wood, similarly, transmitted a message of quality, of a lack of compromise.  

It’s not only the traditional materials, however, that communicate. New, innovative materials can also speak of luxury, of durability, all while adding a few new messages of their own.  

Such as sustainability. Or traceability. Or animal welfare.  

MicroTech, Polestar 3’s answer to the WeaveTech of Polestar 2, is a vegan upholstery created from renewable vinyl and recycled polyester textile. The wool upholstery of Polestar 3 is fully traceable, realised entirely in animal-welfare certified yarn. And the Nappa leather, in both Zinc and Jupiter colours, is provided by Bridge of Weir, animal-welfare traced and adhering to the Five Freedoms.

Materials send a message. And if the material is innovative enough, and designed thoroughly enough, it can send more than one. 

Learn about the materials, technology, and design of the inside of the SUV for the electric age. 

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