Polestar and Pieter-Jan Lint

Out of a shared commitment to sustainability, Polestar is joining forces with vegan chef Pieter-Jan Lint.

Like electric driving, veganism is a scalable and transparent solution to climate change with values consistent with Polestar's philosophy
Lies Eeckman

Polestar joins forces with chef Pieter-Jan Lint, a culinary virtuoso and expert in vegan fine-dining gastronomy. As a Polestar ambassador, he reinforces his sustainability mission by driving his Polestar 2, from visits to local farmers to the venues where he teaches and presents his books. 

In addition to efforts in the automotive industry, Polestar is working with partners outside its own field who share the same vision to create a platform for innovative ideas that contribute to a sustainable future. Lies Eeckman, Managing Director of Polestar Belgium, on the collaboration with Pieter-Jan Lint: "Pieter-Jan Lint's cooking reflects his background as an engineer by bringing different ingredients together in a dish, analogous to how a car at Polestar is built from different parts." Both aim for a world where luxury and innovation go hand in hand with respect for the planet and where the pursuit of perfection is never at the expense of future generations. "Like electric driving, veganism is a scalable and transparent solution to climate change with values that align with Polestar's philosophy," emphasizes Lies Eeckman.

While Polestar is taking innovative steps in the automotive industry, Pieter-Jan Lint is exploring new avenues in the gastronomic sector by, among other things, looking critically at the origin and impact of ingredients. In addition to his commitment to sustainable


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