Polestar 0 project: open call for collaboration around sustainability

The power of multiple points of view. The strength of diversity. And the capacity for creativity through collaboration. More than anything, they foster innovation. Which is just what it will take to realise our vision of a truly climate-neutral car by 2030.

AI-robot engraves marble stone with text saying A climate neutral car by 2030
A fully sustainable society requires us to work together in unprecedented ways.
Hans Pehrson, Head of the Polestar 0 project

Our moonshot goal of creating a truly climate-neutral car, dubbed the Polestar 0 projectwas announced back in April 2021.

Building a car with 0 CO2e means that we must find, and eliminate, every single CO2e emission linked to our supply chain: from mining, material refining and production, to overland and sea transportation, rather than simply planting trees to try to offset carbon emissions. To make that happen, we will not only insist on total transparency and unorthodox solutions throughout the supply chain. We need to get down to the nitty-gritty. We need to collaborate, to an extent not seen before, and harness the power of different viewpoints, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

That’s why we’re launching an open call for research and collaboration, inviting everyone with the right knowledge, skills, or insights to join us in this endeavour. The invitation goes out to researchers, universities, suppliers, governments, entrepreneurs, experts, innovators, investors, and authorities. 

“We need to dig into global problems that are yet to be solved. I’m confident that through research and collaboration, we can not only recast great innovations of the past, creating the same or similar end results without any greenhouse gas emissions, but tap into solutions that are still in the ideation stage,” says Hans Pehrson, Head of the Polestar 0 project and former Head of Research and Development at Polestar. “A fully sustainable society requires us to work together in unprecedented ways. That’s why a shifted focus is needed, and we want to join forces with those who are equally determined to make this vision a reality.” 

A designated Polestar team is now searching for collaborators who can contribute towards technical solutions to eliminate all CO2e in the entire supply chain, without resorting to offsetting.

To be considered for collaboration and partnership, all who wish to participate are asked to define the specific problem being addressed, what area it exists in, what the solution might be, whom they are representing, and if any prior research is needed. Proposals must address at least one of the following subject areas: material, car function, or supply chain process collaborations to ensure 0 CO2e.

What will unite the future partners is a shared conviction that zero means zero, that there’ll be no relying on low-carbon solutions, and no use of misleading offsetting schemes. To submit your interest in research collaboration, click here. The process is open between February 23 and March 23, 2022.    

Several industry leaders have already signed letters of intent to collaborate on research, including SSAB, Hydro, ZKW, Autoliv, and ZF.

“We are extremely excited to present such a strong line-up of first partners, representing key areas such as steel, aluminium, electronics, safety and driving systems, in this unprecedented challenge. Theresults of this call for research and collaboration will not only benefit the Polestar 0 project,but help contribute to other aspects of society,” states Hans Pehrson.

On top of the open call, Polestar will be reaching out to researchers from across the globe through SDSN, the world's largest academic network working in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, in the search for new partners. 

We believe that through joint expertise and by recognising the value of interdependency, within and beyond the automotive industry, we can accelerate the shift to a climate-neutral future. Reaching our goal will be the ultimate testament to the power of multiple points of view.


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