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Lack of a private parking space does not equal a lack of charging options. Read on to see what’s available.

Lack of a private parking space does not equal a lack of charging options. Read on to see what’s available.

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    Find local public chargers

    Online charging maps will show public chargers in the area where you live or near the places that you frequent. Polestar owners can rely on an integrated version of Google Maps to highlight charging options depending on the battery level. Popular public charging locations include supermarkets, shopping centres, libraries and city-owned parking spaces. Charge overnight, or top up on electricity while getting the groceries. Oftentimes, one charge a week is all that’s required. 

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    Top up at work

    More and more companies are installing charging points for their employees and customers. Not only because it shows their commitment to a sustainable future but also because of the financial benefits. If your employer still needs convincing, there are government grants and tax incentives to support your case.

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    Get a shared charging point

    Rally those with whom you share a parking facility to the electric cause, and have multiple chargers installed. Involve the residents association and come to an agreement on the installation and the costs.

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    Ask for a charging point in your street

    A growing number of local governments actively promote the transition to electric cars, especially in more densely populated areas. Consequently, residents can request the installation of one or more charging points in their neighbourhood, often combined with a designated EV parking space. Check with your local authority about the options.

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    Go to a fast charging station

    Commercial operators run a growing network of fast charging stations and charging points located at petrol stations. Depending on the car’s specifications, it takes about 35 minutes to reach 80% capacity, leaving plenty of range and avoiding the final 20% slower charging rate. Plug in the car, have a lunch break or run an errand, and the battery will be topped up before you know it.

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