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Displays and controls by the driver in a left-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls by the driver are located.

Displays and controls by the driver in a right-hand drive car

The overviews show where the displays and controls by the driver are located.

Connection of equipment to the car's diagnostic socket

Incorrect connection and installation of software or diagnostic tools may have a negative effect on the car's electronic system.

Driver distraction

The driver is responsible for doing everything possible to ensure the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users. Part of this responsibility is avoiding distractions such as carrying out an activity that is not related to operating the car in a driving environment.

Environmental efficiency

Polestar has undertaken to improve the environment by offering a product range that is clean and efficient and affects the environment as little as possible.

Getting started with Google services

Link your Google account to your user profile in order to get started with Google services.

Showing the car's identification number

If you get in touch with Polestar Customer Support with regard to Polestar Connect, for example, you will need the car's identification number (VIN).

Recording data

As part of Polestar's safety and quality assurance, certain information about the vehicle's operation, functionality and incidents are recorded in the car.

Installation of accessories

Contact Polestar Customer Support for more information on installation of accessories.

Contact Polestar

Use the following contact information to contact Polestar.

Sounds from the car

Even if your car is very quiet, it is not entirely soundless and can make various noises during normal daily use. This is quite normal and these sounds should not worry you. Some of the possible sounds which the car can make during use are listed below.

Connection and entertainment

The car has an intelligent interface and offers online connectivity with the digital world. An intuitive navigation structure makes it possible to receive relevant support, information and entertainment when it is necessary, without distracting the driver.

Important information on accessories and auxiliary equipment

The incorrect connection and installation of accessories and extra equipment can negatively affect the car's electronic system.

Change of ownership

The driver of the car must be registered with Polestar in order to use all available functions and services. Therefore, in connection with change of ownership, several steps need to be taken in order to remove the previous owner and give the new owner access.

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