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Replacing the battery in the key

The battery in the key needs to be replaced when it has become discharged.

Using jump starting with another battery

If the car does not start, it may be due to the 12V battery being discharged. It can then be charged with the assistance of another car or an external charger.

Batteries and power supply

The car's own power supply is connected to several different batteries and components. These make it possible to use the car's electrical functions.

Recycling the batteries

Used batteries must be recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Symbols on the batteries

There are information and warning symbols on the batteries.

12 V battery

The 12 V battery powers the car's primary electrical system, which includes most of the electrical equipment. However, the high voltage battery is used for driving.

High voltage battery

For driving, the car is equipped with a powerful high voltage battery located in the car's chassis. This is maintenance-free and rechargeable.