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Air quality

Air quality

The materials selected for the passenger compartment and the air purification system ensure that the air quality in the passenger compartment is high.


The CleanZone function checks and indicates whether or not all conditions have been met for good air quality in the passenger compartment.

Clean Zone Interior Package

Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP) comprises a series of modifications that keep the passenger compartment even clearer from allergy and asthma-inducing substances.

Interior Air Quality System

Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) is a fully automatic air quality system that separates gases and particles to reduce the levels of odours and contaminants in the passenger compartment.

Activating and deactivating the air quality sensor

The air quality sensor is part of the fully automatic air quality system Interior Air Quality System (IAQS).

Passenger compartment filter

All air entering the car's passenger compartment is cleaned with a filter.