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Tyre pressure monitoring

System for tyre pressure monitoring

The tyre pressure monitoring system, gives a warning with an indicator symbol in the driver display when the pressure in one or more of the car's tyres is too low.

See tyre pressure status in the centre display

With the system for tyre pressure monitoring, tyre pressure status can be viewed in the centre display.

Rectifying a warning for low tyre pressure

When the system for tyre pressure warns that tyre pressure is too low, action is required.

Saving new reference value for tyre pressure monitoring

In order for the system for tyre pressure monitoring to work correctly, a reference value for the tyre pressure must be saved. This must take place every time the tyres are changed or the tyre pressure is changed so that the system can warn about low pressure correctly.

Tyre pressure monitoring messages

A number of messages for the tyre pressure monitoring system can be shown. Here are some examples.