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Audio, media and Internet

Audio, media and Internet

The audio and media system consists of a media player and a radio. A cellular phone can also be connected through Bluetooth to use phone functions or play music wirelessly in the vehicle. When the vehicle is connected to the Internet, it is also possible to use apps to play media.

License agreement for audio and media

A license is an agreement on the right to conduct a certain activity or the right to use someone else's right according to terms and conditions specified in the agreement. The following texts are Polestar's agreements with manufacturers/developers.

Tips for handling Internet connection problems

If you are having difficulty connecting the vehicle to the Internet, there are a few things you can try:

Hard disk storage space

It is possible to view how much space is remaining on the vehicle's hard disk.

Sound settings

Sound reproduction quality is preset but can also be adjusted.

Sound Experience

Sound experience is an app that provides access to additional sound settings.

Customer Privacy Policy

Polestar respects and safeguards the personal privacy of everyone who visits our websites.

Connection and entertainment

Sensus makes it possible to use apps and turn your vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Terms and Conditions for Services

Polestar offers services that help enhance the vehicle's safety and comfort.

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