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Maintenance and service

Recommended camera and radar sensor maintenance

In order for the camera and radar sensors to function properly, they must be kept free of dirt, ice, snow, etc. and should be washed regularly with water and car washing detergent.

Maintenance of the brake system

Regularly check the brake system components for wear.

Recommendations for long-term storage

To help minimize degradation of the hybrid batteries if the vehicle is not driven for a prolonged period (longer than 1 month), the hybrid battery charge level should be kept at approx. 25% according to the gauge in the instrument panel.

Data transfer between vehicle and workshop over Wi-Fi

Some workshops have a designated Wi-Fi network for data transfer between your vehicle and the workshop. Your visit to the workshop will be easier and more effective when diagnostics information and software can be transferred over the workshop's network.

Hoisting the vehicle

When hoisting the vehicle, it is important that the jack is positioned on the designated points under the vehicle.

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