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Electric motor and charging

Hybrid battery gauge

The hybrid battery gauge shows how much current is left in the hybrid battery.

Hybrid gauge

In Hybrid drive mode, the instrument panel will display a hybrid gauge, which can help the driver achieve more efficient driving economy.

Drive systems

Polestar combines a gasoline engine for the front wheels and two electric motors for the rear wheels.

Starting and stopping the gasoline engine

An advanced control system determines the distance that the vehicle can be driven on the gasoline engine or electric motors, or both operating systems at the same time. When driving on only the electric motor, the vehicle may automatically start the combustion engine due to outside circumstances, e.g. low ambient temperatures. This is completely normal. The combustion engine will also always start when the hybrid battery is nearly fully discharged.

Hold and Charge functions

In certain situations, it can be useful to control the hybrid battery's charge level while driving. This is possible with the Hold and Charge functions.

Drive modes

Drive modes affect the vehicle's driving characteristics in different ways to enhance and simplify the driving experience in certain types of situations.

General information about hybrid operation

Hybrid vehicles are driven just like any other vehicle, but certain functions differ from a vehicle powered exclusively by gasoline. The electric motors power the vehicle primarily at low speeds; the gasoline engine is used at higher speeds or during more active driving.

Hybrid-related symbols and messages in the instrument panel

A number of symbols and messages related to hybrid operation may be displayed in the instrument panel. They may also appear in combination with general indicator and warning symbols and disappear when the necessary action has been taken.

Recommendations for long-term storage

To help minimize degradation of the hybrid batteries if the vehicle is not driven for a prolonged period (longer than 1 month), the hybrid battery charge level should be kept at approx. 25% according to the gauge in the instrument panel.

Battery recycling

Start batteries contain lead and must be recycled in an environmentally sound manner at the end of their service life.

Hybrid batteries

For electric propulsion, the vehicle is equipped with two hybrid batteries. One is located under the tunnel console and one is located behind the rear seat in the trunk. These are maintenance-free and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

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