What's in my frunk: with Cam and Lana Graves

Welcome to episode two of ‘What’s in my frunk’, where we follow athletes and adventurers in their daily escapades and uncover the essentials in their trunk and frunk. Whether it’s snowboarding north of the Arctic Circle or endurance running in the South Island of New Zealand, there are no limits. Today, it’s all about the latter.

In our first episode a few months back we visited professional snowboarder Antti Autti in the snow-covered beauty that is Ruka, Finland. This time around, we decided to switch things up. Meet Cam and Lana Graves, a New Zealand couple whose love for endurance running and alpine exploration knows no bounds.

Lana and Cam’s story began on the busy set of a running commercial, where their shared passion for the sport sparked a connection that would grow into a genuine bond. 

Cam's love for running traces back to his earliest memories, while Lana discovered its healing power during a challenging period in her life. Yet, through their individual paths, they found solace and strength on the trails, amidst the breath-taking surroundings of their homeland. "Running as a pursuit is incredibly empowering. With every stride, you gain self-confidence, and through every challenge, you build resilience," says Lana. 

As marathon training consumes their days, Cam and Lana immerse themselves in the nature that surrounds them. Their weekly regimen of 150 to 160 kilometres is a testament to their dedication, with the dramatic trails acting as both playground and proving ground. 

"The unbelievable trails down here and beautiful landscapes serve as the perfect backdrop and training hub for Lana and me. This is our happy place," Cam says.

Collage of Cam and Lana graves running and Polestar 2 on the open road.
Running as a pursuit is incredibly empowering. With every stride, you gain self-confidence.
Lana Graves

As athletes, Cam and Lana not only chase performance but also prioritise sustainability. That's why their choice of transportation, Polestar 2, resonates deeply with their values. It's perfectly suited for their adventures through New Zealand's pristine wilderness.

“As a professional runner, I'm obsessed with performance. The further and faster the better. The first time we experienced the linear acceleration of Polestar 2, we were obsessed. Instant torque is addictive,” Cam continues. 

But their pursuits extend beyond mere running. They are content creators and storytellers who share their love for the outdoors with the world. Through captivating imagery and heartfelt narratives, they invite others to join them on their journey, inspiring a global community of adventurers and runners alike to embrace the wild.

Central to their adventures is their trusty companion, Polestar 2. Within its spacious trunk lies a treasure trove of gear, carefully organised for weekend escapes into the mountains. From trail shoes to hydration vests and spare clothing, every item is carefully selected to enhance their running experience.

When they’re not out running, they can be found hiking, which Lana and Cam consider ‘active relaxing’ that stands in stark contrast to their usual activities. Though for most, it might still seem like quite the workout. Their trunk holds the essentials for these excursions, from sleeping bags to lightweight tents and a trusty gas cooker for those chilly mountain mornings.

“There's something about sleeping under the stars and waking to the sound of birds in the morning that's just so good for the soul,” Cam says. 

Close-up of a personal beacon locator
Lana getting ready for the outdoors

Safety is also paramount in their endeavours, which is why they never venture into the backcountry without a personal locator beacon (PLB) at their side. This device serves as their lifeline, ensuring that help is never far away should the need arise.

But amidst the training and preparation, Cam and Lana cherish the simple joys of outdoor living. Their frunk, dubbed the "chill zone," holds post-run refreshments, snacks, and towels for a refreshing dip in cold waters – a ritual that marks the end of each exhilarating run.

Putting the awe-inducing beauty of New Zealand into words is no easy feat, so we’ll let the imagery do the talking from here on out.



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