Sustainable innovation

It's clear that we must act now to protect the environment. Ideas for moving to more sustainable lifestyles are everywhere, and if we want the automotive industry and society as a whole to move forward, we have to experiment. By trying new processes and technologies, we'll reveal fresh possibilities and different ways of thinking that accelerate the transition toward climate neutrality and healthy ecosystems.

In tech we trust

We're committed to celebrating and advancing technologies that could help minimize our environmental impact. Like the waste-reducing reconstructed wood deco in the Polestar 2. The flax-based composites and recycled plastics in the Polestar Precept. And the way we use blockchain to trace the cobalt in our battery modules. New technology means greener driving, and ever more exciting performance.

Bringing blockchain to the supply chain

When the advantages of using blockchain to trace the cobalt we use in our car batteries became evident, we jumped right in. We use it to record the cobalt's origin, weight, size, chain of custody, as well as information showing each participant's adherence to OECD supply chain guidelines in each transaction. Blockchain guarantees that the information contained in these records cannot be changed without detection.

Reducing other emissions

There's more to automotive emissions than carbon dioxide. Particulate emissions from braking, for example, are also an important consideration. In this instance, one of our braking partners, Brembo, is working with different materials to minimize particulate emissions. We're also working constructively with our partners to address other emissions, and push for more ambitious targets and action.

The bigger picture

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on societies and economies everywhere. This gives us a great opportunity to rebuild a European economy that puts the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss at its heart. Polestar, along with numerous MEPs, CEOs, business associations, NGOs, and the European trade union confederation, has joined the Green Recovery Alliance. We're committed to helping turn plans into action that will change people's lives, and contributing to the rapid recovery of our economies and societies.

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