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To keep your car as cutting edge in the future as it is today, its software will be updated regularly. These updates will make life in your car easier, safer and more fun, with a truly personalised and contextualised experience that integrates seamlessly with your digital life.

Updates at a Polestar Authorized Service Point

Bring your car to your nearest service point and we’ll take care of the whole update process for you. It should take about the same time as upgrading the operating system on your laptop, including backups, installation and testing.

Over the air updates

Soon, you’ll be able to install updates to your Polestar 2 over the air. Your car will notify you when an update is ready to install, then you can choose a convenient time. We recommend doing it when the car is plugged in and charging overnight. If there’s a problem, please get in touch with Polestar support. Over the air updates are not available for the Polestar 1.

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