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The Performance Pack: a new level of responsiveness

Feel even more connected to the road. Enjoy a chassis that is tuned to bring you the ultimate in driver engagement. The optional Performance Pack for the Polestar 2 offers a set of highly specialized additions, carefully selected and set up by our engineers. Prepare yourself for an electric car that drives unlike any other electric car.

The optional Performance pack takes the already responsive Polestar 2 driving experience to another level.

Brembo brakes

The Performance Pack features brakes that are engineered by Brembo, a renowned Italian manufacturer that has decades of experience with competition cars and motorcycles. As a result, they offer increased rigidity and quick response at any temperature, while reducing weight, wear, noise and dust buildup.

Öhlins Dual Flow Valve dampers

Unparalleled grip and traction, regardless of road surface. Consistent handling characteristics, however hard the suspension has to work. The Performance Pack's advanced Öhlins DFV dampers result in a more responsive ride while maintaining the same comfort level. Furthermore, they allow enthusiasts to choose from 22 different suspension settings, emphasizing the performance heritage of the Öhlins company.

20” forged alloy wheels

Normally, forged alloy wheels are only found on specific high-performance cars and racing cars. Their low unsprung weight allows them to move up and down more quickly, improving the handling of the car and maximizing road contact.

Special edition seat belts

Our definition of performance is incomplete without safety. To emphasize this, all four special edition seat belts have the same distinctive gold color as the brake calipers, the dampers and the valve caps.

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