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A car that remembers you

Touch its door handle and the Polestar 2 knows who you are. It senses the Polestar app on your phone and welcomes you with your personal preferences. Seat position, mirror settings, steering feel and one-pedal drive are all automatically adjusted to your liking. It even makes sure that you can start the day with your favorite playlist.

Continue where you left off

The Polestar 2 doesn't just remember who you are. It can also keep track of what you asked it to do a couple of days ago. Thanks to a feature called "suspended state," you can leave your car on Friday night and continue where you left off on Monday morning. When it detects your phone, it will immediately wake up and return to the playlist, apps, volume and other settings you chose before the weekend.

Pre-entry climate control

Say goodbye to a freezing interior on a cold winter morning. Bid a happy farewell to Sahara-like temperatures when your car has been parked in the sun. The Polestar app allows you to set the climate controls in advance, using separate timers for each day of the week. A handy feature that makes you more comfortable and extends the car's range, as energy-intensive cooling and heating take place while it's charging.

Personalized steering and braking

The personal preferences in a Polestar 2 go beyond seating position, mirror settings, temperature adjustment, and favorite apps and playlists. You can also choose the steering feel you like and the amount of braking power from the electric motors when you use one-pedal drive. Whether it's responsive handling or relaxed cruising, the car can instantly be adjusted to suit the driving style of whoever's behind the wheel.

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