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Digital Key

By installing the Digital Key for Polestar 1 app, a smartphone offers the same functionality as the physical key that comes with the car. This means that it works without lifting a finger, doubling as a spare key.

Hands- and hassle-free

Enjoy a hassle-free driving experience, before you even get behind the wheel. The Digital Key for Polestar 1 app lets you lock and unlock the car, start it and open the trunk, just by having your phone nearby.

Car sharing made easier

If you download the Polestar Connect app,

you can create digital keys for up to 10 people of your choice. This allows family members or friends to take the car, using their own smartphone. You can also revoke their access whenever you decide to do so.

One twist to start

The Digital Key for Polestar 1 app doesn't just unlock the doors and the trunk. It also activates the starting system, when your smartphone is detected inside the car. Buckle up, twist the starter dial and drive off.

Built-in security

We've built the Digital Key for Polestar 1 app using modern security standards. The car only allows entry after authenticating the short-term access certificate presented by your smartphone. This certificate is directly linked to your Polestar ID, making sure that the car knows who wants to open it. Polestar 1 will let the right one in.

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