Interior Innovations

Leather has been the final word in premium material since before cows were domesticated. And for too long, this meat industry byproduct (let's call a spade a spade here) has occupied the top spot when it comes to the ultimate upholstery. It's tradition.

And we don't buy into tradition. And we certainly don't care for convention, especially within the car industry. We even broke up* with them. So naturally, we took a different approach when it came to premium upholstery. We went full vegan. We made it standard. And we call it WeaveTech. “Our care for the environment goes beyond the electric drive chain,” states Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “With the Polestar 2, we designed our interior offer to promote and accelerate the shift of the car industry towards leather-free interiors.” WeaveTech is entirely free of animal products. It's a water-based (not solvent-based), dirt- and moisture-resistant, modern PVC material inspired by divers' wetsuits. It was intentionally designed to be distinct from leather, a redefinition of premium materials that has its own identity and characteristics, as opposed to a leather-like-but-animal-free upholstery. The fact that it's free of animal products netted us a PETA award**. But that's not the only aspect of WeaveTech worth talking about. The chemists and interior designers have reduced the amount of phthalates (see sidebar) down to 1%, compared to an industry standard of 35-45%.

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