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Check out these step-by-step guides to some of the more practical features of the Polestar 2, like its towbar, mirrors and windshield wipers.

Folding the towbar in and out

1. To fold the towbar out, open the tailgate and press the button on the left-hand side at the rear of the cargo compartment, then release. Don't press for too long, as this might prevent the towbar from folding out.

2. An indicator light in the button shows that the folding function is active. The towbar will fold out and down to an unlocked position, at which point the indicator light will flash. 

3. You can now move the towbar to its end position, where it will lock into place, and the indicator light will glow steadily. You can now use the towbar. 

4. To fold the towbar back in again, briefly press the same button. 

5. The indicator light will flash and the towbar will automatically fold down to an unlocked position. 

6. You can now secure the towbar by pushing it back to its retracted position under the bumper, where it will lock into place. The indicator light in the button will glow steadily if the towbar is correctly locked.

Tilting the door mirrors when parking

You can tilt the door mirrors down to give you a better view of the curb when parking. Simply select reverse gear, and press the L or R mirror button. You may need to press the button twice, depending on settings. When the mirror is tilted down, the light in the button flashes. Three seconds after you engage reverse gear, the mirrors will automatically start to move, and will reach their original position after about 8 seconds.

Automatically tilting the door mirrors when parking

You can set the door mirrors to automatically tilt down to give you a better view of the curb when parking. On the center display, tap More, and then Mirrors. You can now choose which mirrors should tilt when you engage reverse gear: none, driver side, passenger side, or both door mirrors. A quick double press on the L and R mirror buttons will make the mirrors return to their original positions.

Automatically folding the door mirrors

If you're driving or parking in a tight space, you can set the door mirrors to automatically fold in. Press the L and R buttons at the same time and release after about one second. The mirrors will automatically stop when they are completely folded in. To fold the mirrors out again, press L and R at the same time. The mirrors will automatically stop when they reach their original positionss.

Heated rear window and door mirrors

Tap the button in the center console to activate or deactivate the heating for the rear window and door mirrors. The button lights up when the heating is on. Tap it again to switch it off.

(De)activating window wiper service position

Tap More on the center display, then select Wipers to activate or deactivate the wiper blades' service position. You can only do this when the vehicle is stationary and the windshield wipers are switched off.

Luggage and compartments

The Polestar 2 comes equipped with plenty of convenient storage options. From the cupholder and glove compartment with integrated bag hook, to the front compartment that's ideal for storing charging cables, to the spacious trunk with its integrated bag hooks, straps and nets for securely stowing your belongings.

Power off the vehicle when sitting in the car

Activate the parking brake and then tap More on the center display. You'll see the Power off button at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to switch off the car. To start the vehicle again, tap the play/pause button under the center display.

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