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Opening the car

We've made it as convenient as possible to access the Polestar 2 without needing to use a key. Find out how these features work on this page.

Keyless door locking and unlocking

When your car keys are within range (about one meter/three feet), you can grip the handle to unlock, or touch the button on the handle to lock the car. If you don't open a door within two minutes of unlocking, they automatically lock again.

Remote rapid cooling

Press and hold the key for five seconds to roll down the windows and turn on the air conditioning. A great way to rapidly cool your car if it's been parked in direct sunlight for a while.

Keyless tailgate unlocking

You can unlock the tailgate by lightly touching the pressure plate on the underside of the tailgate handle. For keyless locking and unlocking to work, one of the car's keys must be in range (about one meter/three feet). You can close the tailgate again by pressing the button next to the tailgate latch.

Hands-free tailgate opening and closing

Make a single, forward kicking motion with your foot under the center of the rear bumper, then take a step back without touching the bumper. A sensor detects the motion and opens or closes the tailgate. You'll hear a brief beep to indicate that it worked. One of the car's keys must be within range (about one meter/three feet) behind the vehicle, even if the vehicle is already unlocked.

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