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As well as its LED headlights, the Polestar 2 also comes equipped with several smart interior and exterior lighting features. Get enlightened as to how they work below.

Welcome and farewell lighting

Unlock the car and the lights say hello. In daylight, parking lights, ceiling lights, floor lights and cargo area lighting are activated. In darker conditions, the headlights, license plate lighting and lighting in the outer handles also switch on. When you leave the car after driving, the parking lights and license plate lighting stay on for approximately two minutes, or until the car is locked. Tap More on the center display to turn the exterior light sequences on or off.

Interior lighting: overhead console

Tap the button in the center of the ceiling console to switch on the interior lights. Tap it again to switch them off. Press and hold the panel on the left or right light until it fades to the preferred level of brightness. The small ceiling lights by the doors can be switched on and off with a quick swipe.

Interior lighting: ambient and mood lights

The brightness of the Polestar 2's ambient and mood lights can be adjusted in the Interior lights menu on the center display. Choose between off, low or high intensity for the lighting around the doors, center console and trunk, and for the Polestar symbol on the overhead console.

Active high beams

Turn the left-hand stalk switch to position to turn on the active high beams. You'll see an illuminated symbol glowing white in the instrument panel, and the rotating ring will return to its starting position. When high beams are activated, the symbol will shine blue, instead of white.

Activating light sequences and setting home safe duration

On the center display, tap More, and then Exterior lights. Now you can tap to toggle the Light Sequences on or off. At the bottom of the screen you can also choose how long the Home Safe Lights stay illuminated for: 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

Setting home safe duration

Tap More on the center display, then select Exterior lights. The Home Light Safe duration options at the bottom of the screen allow you to choose whether you want the car's exterior lighting to remain illuminated for 30, 60 or 90 seconds after you exit the vehicle. Choose your preferred option, then push the left-side steering wheel lever toward the dashboard and release. The symbol illuminates in the instrument panel to indicate that the function is activated and the parking lights, headlights, license plate lighting and door handle lighting switch on.

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