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There are a few small, easy-to-learn differences between fueling and charging. The video on this page gives you practical advice that will have you taking charge of charging.

Charging the Polestar 2

1. Open the car's charging hatch and remove the charging plug's protective cover.

2. Push the charging cable plug all the way into the car's input socket. It should automatically lock into place after a few seconds. 

3. Follow the instructions in the charging station's interface to authorize the charge. Before charging can begin, the charging station first performs an isolation test, which can take up to one minute. 

4. Once charging has started, the LED lamp in the charging input socket will flash green. The driver display and the center display show the remaining estimated charging time, or indicate if charging is not working as intended. 

5. To stop charging, press the button by the charging input socket. If fast charging is stopped, it will not be possible to resume it automatically because the charging station requires charging to be re-authorized. Unlocking your car does not usually stop fast charging.

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