Obsessive attention to sound

Cutting corners is not in the Polestar vocabulary. When we build an electric car, every component we use has to meet specific, uncompromising standards. Our obsession with quality brought us to audio specialists Dirac and Harman Kardon, with whom we developed the sound system for the Polestar 2. The result is an audio environment that turns every spot into a sweet spot.

Immerse yourself in music

The inside of a vehicle is one of the most challenging environments for audio engineers. Making music sound the way it should means dealing with countless reflective surfaces, different seating locations and multiple speakers placed at various distances. The Polestar 2 combines advanced Dirac tuning software with Harman Kardon’s renowned audio expertise to eliminate the sonic imperfections inherent in a car’s interior. Treating everyone on board to a powerful, immersive sound, regardless of where they’re sitting.

Captivating audio for all tastes

Some people relax to Bach when they’re driving. Others like to get moving with Daft Punk. We create a captivating listening experience, whatever you like to listen to. Dirac’s groundbreaking Unison© technology helps to compose the right acoustic environment, by allowing much faster and more precise tuning of the Polestar 2 audio system. This guarantees consistent sound quality for all tastes in music. Letting you feel your favourite tracks, instead of just hearing them. 

A bass response that’s unheard of

A good bass sound is hard to achieve within the confines of a car interior. The materials used and the way it is shaped affects the amount of low-frequency energy that can be contained inside. That’s why the audio designers working on the Polestar 2 came up with software, which automatically adapts to the interior and the speakers. By continually optimising for the environment, the system delivers a low end so unified and tight it’s unheard of in a car.

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