Brand & corporate | 12.12.18

Polestar appoints new Group CFO and Deputy Group CFO to strengthen global financial capabilities

To support its strategy of increasing independence, and to strengthen its global finance team, Polestar has appointed a new Group CFO and Deputy Group CFO. Ian Zhang joins Polestar as the new Group Chief Financial Officer on 01 January 2019 from his current position as Deputy Group CFO for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

Working with Ian Zhang will be Nils Mösko in the new role of Deputy Group CFO. Nils also joins Polestar on 01 January 2019 and moves from the position of Vice President of Investor Relations at Volvo Cars. He has previously held finance, treasury and controlling functions for Volvo Cars and Ford Motor Company.

“These management changes to Polestar’s finance department support our long-term strategy of becoming increasingly independent,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer at Polestar.

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About Polestar

Polestar is the electric performance car brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and Zhejiang Geely Holding. Polestar enjoys specific technological and engineering synergies with Volvo Cars and benefits from significant economies of scale as a result. This facilitates the successful design, development and production of separately-branded, electric performance cars.

Polestar launched in 2017 with the Polestar 1 – a low-volume Electric Performance Hybrid GT with 600 hp, 1,000 Nm and an electric-only range of 150 km – the longest of any hybrid car in the world. In 2019, the Polestar 2 was revealed as the company’s first full electric, higher volume premium car designed to compete around the Tesla Model 3. In the future, Polestar 3 will join the portfolio as a fully electric performance SUV.

Polestar also applies its technology and expertise to electrified Volvo cars. The new Volvo S60, V60 and XC60 T8 Polestar Engineered models feature key Polestar components to create a sharper and more engaging driving experience. Polestar optimisation software upgrades are also available for Volvo models, which enhance six performance areas including engine output. Polestar Engineered media information can be found on the Volvo Cars media website.