Polestar 2

Make sure you have the latest car software update installed. You‘ll need the latest version of the Polestar app and Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone.  

Before pairing your Polestar Digital Key, make sure all your car keys (including the activity key) are inside the car.

1. Log in to the app and car using your Polestar ID to enable data sharing for Polestar Connect via the car centre display. To do this, go to the Integrity and Data page in the settings menu in the car's centre display. Each profile in the car should be logged into a unique Polestar ID.

2. Return to your profile and press the Digital Key button to start the pairing process. You need to be logged into an administrator/owner profile for the first pairing process.

3. Tap to pair in the Polestar app. You will see a matching PIN on the centre display and in the app.

4. Tap ‘Yes’ on the centre display and in the app, then enter a name for your car to complete the pairing.

5. After your app is paired with the car, tap ‘Activate Digital Key’ in the Polestar app.

6. Authorise any app location permission requests, then press the start button to begin using the Digital Key.

Metal objects and electronics can interfere with the Digital Key signal. If your phone is kept in a bag with other items, you may need to take your phone out to use the Digital Key.

The locking and unlocking process is the same as with a regular key. To lock or unlock your car, touch the door handle. You do not need to open the app first.

Note: After the software update is installed in the car, it can take up to 36 hours before the mobile remote functions can be used.

For more direct assistance,contact Polestar support.

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With a new car comes a new set of questions. If the tutorial videos on this page don’t cover what you need to know, our support pages definitely will.

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