Minimalism has always formed the core of the Polestar design language. The lack of clutter serves to highlight both the broad strokes, and the details that remain. One of the aspects which is pushed to the fore is the silhouette of the Polestar 2. A fastback possessed of its own unique proportions, Livingstone feels that this is one of the more immediate impressions that one gets upon seeing it for the first time. “It’s taller than other fastbacks, with a toughness that’s belied by its form language,” he states.

“It borrows elements from the coupé and the crossover, combines them in a unique way, and it’s then galvanized by being a Polestar.” Elements such as the above-mentioned taller stance and the face of the car, which is “assertive without being aggressive, communicating that this car means business.”

“It’s quietly distinctive, it’s not a ‘look at me’ car.”

It’s not just the design which is minimal. The available colours and materials for the Polestar 2 are curated; you’ll have to look elsewhere if you want a car in Vegas Sunset orange with Louis XIV purple velour interior. This has a twofold effect: it guarantees that all material and colour combinations work, but it also lends the Polestar 2 a certain accessibility. “It’s not all of a sudden a different vehicle once you step inside,” states Livingstone. “The colours, the materials, the lack of chintz, this is a car that’s very comfortable for anybody, being accommodating to them instead of demanding upon them.”

These are but selected samples of what Sam Livingstone had to say concerning the design of the Polestar 2 (the rest of which can be seen in the above video). And what we heard was gratifying. It’s one thing to communicate using a language that you’re familiar with. It’s another thing entirely to see that someone else understands what you’re saying. That someone else gets it.

Seems like Sam gets it.

A brief look at the background of Sam Livingstone:

  • founder/director of Car Design Research, which works with global vehicle brands to develop and implement holistic, design-based brand strategies
  • tutor at the Royal College of Art since 2002
  • judge for World Car of the Year, iF Design, and Scuderia Zagreb design awards