Performance | 03.07.18

Journal 6

Goodwood Festival of Speed

We had a fantastic time at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. If you were there then you will know that the Polestar 1 prototype made its public debut at the event. We met so many Polestar supporters and the reaction to the Polestar stand and Polestar 1 was amazing. Here are some highlights from our four days on the Goodwood estate including a video of Joakim Rydholm charging up the Hillclimb:

Dates: 12-15 July , England


A unique debut for Polestar at Goodwood

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a car gathering like no other. Attending for the first time, Polestar will treat festivalgoers to a unique experience. Enter the Polestar Pavilion and you will be able to view Polestar 1 - up close and in the true spirit of Goodwood. But we have also got a world exclusive up our sleeves: Race helmets and overalls at the ready – the Polestar 1 will make its public driving debut at the event. As part of its ongoing testing and development, the Electric Performance Hybrid will charge up the historic Hillclimb in front of thousands of spectators. Will you be there to see it too? We hope so...


The Pavilion

Over 200,000 will visit this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. It is a truly unique celebration of car culture and there is so much to experience during the four-day event. Every manufacturer has their own approach.

Enter the Polestar Pavilion at Goodwood and you’ll experience something a little different. Consisting of what we call closed volumes, the Polestar area is a place deliberately designed to take visitors into a new and exciting mindset. Brands often present their products in an interesting context, reflecting the product in colours and materials, or communicating a certain lifestyle. Polestar takes the opposite approach.

What you’ll immediately notice is the very clean and simple design language of the Polestar Pavilion. It’s a calm environment designed for conversation and knowledge sharing.

There is detail in simplicity, a kind of zen-like quality with single colours and tones that are a refreshing change from the sponsorship livery and bright colours of the festival itself.

“Many say that Goodwood is the Cathedral of motorsport and car culture. We want people to find a peaceful place where they can find relaxation and focus. A similar state of mind to when entering an art gallery or church,” says Pär Heyden, Head of Brand at Polestar.

“On the inside you experience the space and an atmosphere connected with timeless proportions and light, with the car in the middle,” continues Pär.

And with so many opportunities to see the event from the air, the Polestar symbol shines upward from the stand as a clear reference point – just like its namesake.