The Polestar Difference

With more than 20 years of motorsport experience, Polestar is at the leading edge of performance.
 The Polestar team uses the knowledge learned on the racing circuit to develop their products and shape its engineering philosophy, which is firmly focused on an enhanced driving experience.

An extensive development programme resulted in the new Volvo XC90 optimisation, which addresses five key performance areas. Together they bring driving excitement in a balanced, tailored and thoroughly tested package that will delight all XC90 owners.

The new Polestar Performance Optimisation for Volvo XC90

The new Volvo Drive-E powertrains combine the low fuel consumption and emissions of a four-cylinder engine with the performance of a larger six- or eight-cylinder unit. They also feature friction reduction measures, start-stop brake regeneration and an eight-speed gearbox.

Such highly sophisticated modern vehicles demand a new approach to performance upgrades. As a result, Polestar engineers focused not only on the engine but also the transmission software to create a Polestar Performance Optimisation that would ensure driving pleasure when driving really matters.

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Model overview

The Drive-E experience: five optimisations in one dynamic package

Polestar engineers took a holistic approach when developing the new optimisation for the Drive-E engine, elevating it to the next level of driver experience.
No less than five important performance areas have been optimised to provide a more precise, balanced and dynamic driving experience.

Together they create a car with clear and predictable behavior – traits that are important for all forms of active driving, regardless of whether it is on the racing circuit or the open road.

Throttle Response

The throttle response has been recalibrated to react faster to driver inputs, providing quicker reactions and more precision

Gearshift Speed*

The gears are shifted faster to improve acceleration and react quicker to driver inputs, allowing faster downshifts for overtaking, for example.

Gearshift Precision and Gear Hold*

Gear shifts have been calibrated to exploit the greater mid-range performance, with gears held in high-g cornering (where possible) to avoid unsettling the car.

Off-throttle Response*

The engine and gearbox are calibrated to respond quickly to the driver lifting off the throttle, keeping the car balanced and predictable when cornering, for example.

Engine Performance

More power where it’s needed most – in the mid-range. Ideal for overtaking or entering a busy highway. Together with improved throttle response and faster gear shifts, the car is significantly more dynamic to drive.

* = Automatic gearbox only

How to Get Your Polestar Performance Optimisation

To get your Polestar Performance Optimisation, contact your local Volvo dealership to book an appointment with the sales or service department. They will advise you of the time involved, which is generally less than one hour.

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