Engineered Desire

Indulge your passion for performance and enjoy a better engine sound with our unique Polestar Engineered Exhaust system. It’s been developed to create both lower pressure and increased flow, optimising your car’s performance. The Polestar Engineered Exhaust is a stainless steel system with twin tailpipes, air filter and diffuser.

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Engineered Attraction

Indulge your passion for performance with Polestar Engineered Wheels. In addition to stylish looks, these 19-inch and 21-inch wheels have been developed to contribute to better handling and a smoother ride, optimising your car’s performance. Polestar Engineered Complete Wheels comes with a high performance tyre that delivers a better driving experience in all conditions*.

*Specific tyres can vary according to market – contact your local Volvo Cars dealer for more information.

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It is our passion for driving that led us to launch the range of Polestar Performance Parts. Developed by the same team responsible for our motorsport success and dynamic road cars, the new Polestar Performance Parts programme fulfills our engineering philosophy by delivering a balanced, energetic driving experience. In all situations.

The Polestar Performance Parts are designed for all the parts of the car that are critical to improving its performance. They can be purchased as a Complete Performance Package, which includes everything from improvements to the chassis, wheels and tyres, intake and exhaust as well as aerodynamic and interior parts. Any one of these components will create a more compelling drive and can, if preferred, be bought in separate packages as well.

All Polestar Performance Parts are developed and tested in combination with Volvo Cars to the same high standards, ensuring a perfect fit and finish, with enhanced performance, and no impact on the Volvo factory warranty.

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Performance Parts

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For more information and availability in your specific market, please contact your Volvo cars dealer.

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Polestar Performance Optimisations

A new generation of optimisations for the new Drive-E engines.