The Polestar Performance Optimisations for the Drive-E engines provides a completely new driving experience for your Volvo. The engineers of Polestar has transfered the same development philosophy as when optimising race cars to the optimisations for Drive-E; the latest and most advanced ever drivetrain from Volvo.

No less than five important performance areas have been optimised to provide a better, more balanced and dynamic driving experience. The faster and more exact responses to driver commands provides a car with a clear and predictable behaviour. These features are important for all forms of active driving, no matter if it is on the racing circuit or on regular roads.

Learn what our engineers have done to lift driving to the next level.

Throttle Response

The throttle response has been optimised for improved feedback and response, for example when overtaking or during active driving on a twisty road. The calibration means that the engine responds faster to the commands of the driver and thereby providing a more precise driving experience.

Gearshift Speed*

The gearshift speed has been increased for the car to accelerate faster and react more direct to the commands of the driver, for example when shifting down fast ahead of an overtaking manoeuvre. A faster gearbox provides the driver with more direct control of the car.

Gearshift Precision and Gear Hold*

The gearshifts have been calibrated to provide a more direct and precise driving experience as well as faster acceleration. Gearshift points have been calibrated to efficiently utilise the optimised mid-range performance of the engine. The gear hold function holds the gear during cornering at high lateral g-forces, preventing unwanted gearshifts mid-corner that can unsettle the balance of the car.

Off-throttle Response*

The gearbox and engine has been calibrated to provide a faster response when the driver quickly lifts off the throttle for a brief moment, for example during a short period of braking ahead of a corner. These functions keep the car in balance during fast cornering and provide the driver with improved predictability and control of the car.

Engine Performance

All Drive-E optimisations are developed to provide more performance in the mid-range of the engine where the driver uses it the most when driving actively, for example during overtaking or when entering a busy highway. The increased mid-range performance in combination with the supporting changes for the gearbox and throttle response makes the car more dynamic and responsive to drive.

* = Automatic gearbox only