Will my power optimisation disappear if Volvo makes any future updates on my car during a service?

No, if Volvo installs updates to the software that was in your car in the original version then these improvements will also be implemented together with your power optimisation. This means that you also benefit from any improvements from Volvo while the performance from your power optimisation remains.

Can I restore my car if required? Before selling it for example.

Yes, that can always be done. All Volvo dealers have the facility to do this using the same system that initially supplied the power optimisation. However, customers are not refunded for the power optimisation that was paid for. The optimisation is not transferable to another car.

I have an older Volvo, will there be power optimisations available for these cars too?

Polestar and Volvo are working to be able to provide optimisations for slightly older cars too. However, there are certain difficult circumstances with these cars. Since all of Polestar’s power optimisations are certified by the authorities in the same way as the original car, test cars are required that have driven up to 15 000 km before the certification process. With older cars this is difficult to bring about.

Can I run my Flexifuel model on petrol even after a power optimisation?

Volvo’s Flexifuel models can be run on petrol and E85, ethanol, both in the original version and after an optimisation. After a power optimisation E85 is recommended in order to achieve maximum performance from the engine. The car can also be run on petrol, 98 octane, but with slightly inferior performance as a result. 95 octane petrol is not recommended.

How does Polestar Performance affect my car’s original speed inhibitor?

Polestar Performance does not affect the car’s original speed inhibitor, which remains at the original level. The car’s original brakes and tyres are adapted for the car’s original maximum speed and thereby limit the car’s maximum speed even after a power optimisation of the engine.