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When it comes to defining a car’s identity, design is key.

When it comes to defining a car’s identity, design is key.

And its design, consisting of various elements, is defined by its proportions. In other words, how those various elements interact, compliment, and balance one another.

Occasionally a car, no matter how obsessively designed, is lacking something. An element that can unite the whole. That can bring together the various components into something cohesive, that can even add new functionality.  

Which is where the Polestar 3 front wing comes in.  

Polestar 3 is an SUV. A distinctive, minimalistic, performance SUV, one for the electric age, but an SUV nonetheless. It’s a large car. But it doesn’t feel like one. And it’s the front wing that enables the characteristic sleekness of the silhouette, creating a visual balance between the rear (sporting a wing of its own) and the front.  

And given how naturally the wing combines the different areas of Polestar 3, while also creating a distinctive front end entirely unique in the world of SUVs, it may come as a surprise to hear that the wing was, well, a fairly late addition.

Examine the exterior details that make up Polestar 3’s sleek, technical design, from the SmartZone to the front and rear wings, and everything in between. 

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